ESD Footwear With Safety Belt

ESD Footwear With Safety Belt

ESD Footwear With Safety Strap

ESD Footwear: Safeguarding Sensitive Environments with Static Control Solutions

In environments where electrostatic discharge (ESD) poses a risk to sensitive equipment and components, ESD footwear plays a critical role in providing effective static control solutions. By utilizing advanced technologies and materials, ESD footwear ensures the safe operation of electronic devices while offering optimal comfort for individuals working in such environments.

ESD footwear, encompassing a range of options such as ESD shoes, ESD slippers, and other anti-static footwear, serves as a vital safeguard in industries such as electronics manufacturing, cleanrooms, laboratories, and data centers. The implementation of ESD protection measures becomes imperative in these settings to prevent electrostatic charges from damaging sensitive electronic components and disrupting critical operations.

ESD shoes are designed with specialized soles that facilitate the dissipation of static electricity, minimizing the risk of electrostatic discharge. These shoes are engineered using conductive or dissipative materials, ensuring a controlled path for the dissipation of charges accumulated by the wearer. The ESD shoes act as a grounding mechanism, preventing static electricity from building up and discharging through sensitive equipment. With their comprehensive protection, ESD shoes mitigate potential damage, reducing costly repairs and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Investing in anti-static footwear, whether ESD shoes or ESD boots, brings a multitude of benefits to both individuals and organizations. The primary advantage lies in maintaining a static-free environment that safeguards delicate electronic components from potential damage. By reducing the risk of electrostatic discharge, companies can prevent costly equipment failures, production delays, and even safety hazards resulting from electrical shocks.

In addition to static control benefits, orthopedic ESD footwear prioritizes wearer comfort and safety. These footwear are designed to provide support, cushioning, and proper ergonomic alignment, promoting overall foot health and reducing fatigue during long working hours. Some autoclavable ESD footwear models incorporate features like slip resistance, oil resistance, and puncture resistance, ensuring additional safety measures in specific work environments.

ESD Footwear Technical Data Sheet

Technical Features
  • Copolymer made of a combination of rubber slippers in one piece is 100%
  •  Antistatic is available on the all surface of the products.
  •  Steam autoclave resistant up to 134 degrees and can be washed at 90 degrees.
  • Ether, ester, alkalis, mild acids, resistant to strong acids and oils.
  • Ultra-violet and gamma rays, durable product.
  • Standing for long periods when there have to work hard by accelerating blood circulation and the massaging effect is that the tiny bubbles
  • Product has  up inside mounds in the antiperspirant prevents any direct contact.
  • The upper edge of the base has ventilation holes, which reciprocal.
  • Clogs top, spilled fluids (blood, secretions, such as liquids) through the holes to prevent leakage characteristics made up the cone.
  • Internal base orthopedic properties.
  •  Able to influence the character of the heel pad.
  •  Clogs pads hard and sharp objects are designed to prevent the failure of his feet.
  •  The Sole is designed to reduce the risk of slipping.
  • Fixed posture can go left or right.
  • You’re walking as soon as an outpatient.
  • Slippers antifungal, antimicrobial and antibacterial produced from raw materials. Not contain bacteria.
  • Odorless properties.
  • Maximum flexibility value is 870%.
  •  Product has the CE Mark.
  • Anti-static mark on the product
  • Products on the institution’s preferred name, etc. written in the form of relief.
  •  The products has one year warranty against all kinds of error manufacturing defects and workmanship.
  • Clogs are available in sizes 35-36,37-38,39-40,41-42,43-44,45-46.
  • Color options black and gray
  • With safety strap models
Theatre Surgical Clogs Shema
Antistatic ESD Footwear Features Shema
ESD Footwear Images

At Falcon, we place a strong emphasis on achieving optimal anti-static performance in our production of best antistatic ESD footwear Through the utilization of cutting-edge anti-static measuring devices, we ensure continuous monitoring and measurement of the anti-static ratio. By incorporating high-quality anti-static agents, we enhance the effectiveness of our products and deliver true anti-static properties. This commitment to precision and quality allows us to provide antistatic esd footwear with strap models that effectively minimize electrostatic discharge and safeguard both users and sensitive equipment. Count on Falcon to deliver reliable and exceptional antistatic ESD clog with strap that meet the highest standards of performance and safety.

Our shoes which are antistatic in real values, prevent the deterioration of the calibration of both people and machines, minimizing the problems that may arise. Check out our video link to review the details of the difference between antistatic and ESD values.

Antistatic ESD Footwear Video Lecture ( What are ESD and Antistatic Different)

Antistatic ESD Footwear Video Lecture (ESD and Antistatic Different)

In our Falcon brand product video, you will find a wealth of information about our antistatic autoclavable Esd footwear. The narration covers various aspects, including colors, models, usage areas, product features, and measurements of ESD and anti-static rates. By accessing the video, you can gather detailed insights into the wide range of attributes and benefits offered by our rubber ESD footwear. From different color options and available models to their specific applications and notable features, the video provides a comprehensive overview. Additionally, it highlights the importance of measuring ESD and anti-static rates, demonstrating our commitment to ensuring optimal performance and safety in operating room environments.

Antistatic ESD Footwear Video Lecture (ESD and Antistatic Different)
FAQ About Antistatic ESD Footwear
Where are Antistatic ESD Footwear used?

There are many different sectors for anti-static autoclavable ESD footwear products.

Usage areas

* Operating theaters rooms
* Laboratories
* Clean Rooms
* Cleaning companies
* Hotels
* Sterile and Non-sterile areas
* Medical and healthcare companies
* Bakeries
* Factories producing electronic products (ESD footwear)

How Many Times Can Falcon ESD Footwear Be Autoclaved? What are Autoclave Times?

It can be autoclaved for 3 minutes at 121 degrees 15 minutes and 134 degrees flash sterilization. It can be autoclaved at least 200 times if you follow the autoclave times.

Adequate temperature, pressure and times for autoclave sterilization are 1 atm and 15 minutes at 121°C, total time 40 minutes when the device is operated empty; 2 atm and 3 minutes at 134°C, and 20 minutes when the device is operated empty.

Use with washing bag in washing machine or autoclave with shelf. If the autoclave is produced only for slippers, it can be used without a bag.

Note: Do Not Use Vertical Type Autoclave Machine!

Do Your Antistatic ESD Footwear Really Have Antistatic? Does it work?

We measure every ESD footwear we produce with our anti-static measuring devices. Our anti-static cleanroom shoes prevent the uncontrolled discharge of static electricity caused by friction in the body. In this way, the calibration problem of the machines used is avoided. In addition, anti-static clogs are an important product in order to prevent human collisions such as door slamming. The use of anti-static autoclavable clogs with strap is important for the safety of both the machine and the working people.

We recommend you to watch our video where we measure with our test measuring device, which explains the difference between Falcon anti-static operating room shoe and ESD clogs. Our product description and anti-static test measurement video

Our Falcon anti-static ESD safety footwear have an anti-static ratio of 10 (8-9) inside and on the entire surface. In our ESD slippers products, this anti-static ratio is at the level of 10(6-7).

Can ESD Footwear Be Washed?

Our anti-static washable ESD footwear are washable up to 90 degrees.

It should be washed in a minimum time and without using a spinning program.

ESD Footwear Unisex Foot Size and Weights

ESD footwear product pairs weights and foot lengths are given below. Simply measure the length between the toe and heel with a tape measure.

35-36 size: 480 grams, 23 cm
37-38 size: 530 grams, 24 cm
39-40 size: 580 grams, 25,30 cm
41-42 size: 660 grams, 26.80 cm
43-44 size: 730 grams, 28 cm
45-46 size: 820 grams, 29,50 cm

Anti-Static ESD Footwear Technical Data Sheet
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