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These slippers, produced in Turkey by the Falcon brand, are preferred in clean rooms, electronic companies, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and health centers as well as in operating room environments. Offered in 11 different color options, these OT clogs offer variety to adapt to the aesthetic preferences of your workplace or institution.

One of the most important features of OT theatre clogs is that they have antistatic properties. By reducing the effect of electrostatic energy, it ensures the safety of users and prevents negative consequences when interacting with electronic devices. In addition, thanks to its weftless designs, it allows users to easily put on and take off.

Falcon Antistatic Operating theatre room slippers are ideal for use in environments where hygiene is at the forefront. Thanks to their autoclavable properties, they can be made suitable for sterilization processes and can be used repeatedly. At the same time, its washable features provide a great advantage in terms of cleaning and hygiene.

We aim to provide our customers with the highest level of quality and safety service. Falcon brand produces quality products with its long years of experience and has succeeded in becoming a reliable brand in the sector. Our ot theatre shoes and clogs are made of carefully selected materials and offer durability and comfort together.

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