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Online catalog with product description and visuals for Falcon antistatic operating room theatre slippers. The most diverse colors in Turkey with 12 different rich color options.

With Safety Back Strap Model Catalog

OT Theatre Room Clogs
OT Theatre Room Clogs

Without Safety Back Strap Models

OT Theatre Room Clogs
OT Theatre Room Clogs

“Introducing Falcon antistatic operating theatre clogs shoes – the ideal choice for a safe and hygienic surgical environment! Our clogs are designed to meet the specific needs of clean rooms, hospitals, operating theaters, laboratories, healthcare centers, pharmaceutical companies, and veterinary clinics.

Featuring advanced antistatic properties, our slippers effectively prevent the accumulation of electrostatic charges, ensuring a secure working environment. Additionally, they are bacteria-resistant, allowing for a germ-free atmosphere during critical procedures.

We understand the importance of maintaining strict hygiene standards. That’s why our slippers are easily washable at 90 degrees, providing effortless sterilization. Moreover, they can withstand autoclaving at 134 degrees, ensuring thorough disinfection when required.

Durability is a key factor in our product design. Falcon antistatic operating room theatre slippers are crafted from high-quality materials to withstand the demands of continuous use. With their long lifespan, you can rely on our slippers to provide optimal performance and comfort.

Choose Falcon antistatic operating room clogs for a combination of functionality, reliability, and style. Trust in our commitment to quality as we deliver the finest products for sterile environments.

For more information and to explore our diverse range of options, please refer to our catalog. Experience the difference with Falcon antistatic operating room theatre clogs today.”

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