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Best Question about Theatre Room Clogs and Shoes

You can find detailed information about frequently asked questions regarding our Falcon brand antistatic surgical clogs on this page. If you have any other questions, please fill the form

How Can I Get a Wholesale Price for Operating Room Theatre Clogs ?

– First of all, we are a manufacturer of Falcon brand operating room footwear. For wholesale, tender and export special price offers, you must apply to our company in writing. For wholesale price, you can fill in our wholesale price form and send it completely.
– You can also request a price quote by sending the following information to our e-mail address.
* Detailed company information ( Contact person, websites, adress, tel, email, company name)
* Amount of pair of clogs to be purchased

Where Can We Buy Your Products Retail?

You can order our Falcon antistatic autoclavable operating Theatre room slippers from our official sales sites.

You can place an order with safe and free shipping from our official site to anywhere in the world.
Buy Online Surgical Clogs

Can Operating Theatre Room Clogs be Autoclaved?

Our Falcon operating room shoes and clogs are autoclavable.
It can be sterilized in an autoclave at 121°C. Falcon products can also be steam flash sterilized in an autoclave up to 134°C.

Can Operating Room Theatre Clogs Be Washed?

Our antistatic operating theatre room clogs are washable up to 90 degrees.
It should be washed in a minimum time and without using a spinning program.

How Many Times Can Falcon Operating Theatre Clogs Be Autoclaved? What are Autoclave Times?

It can be autoclaved for 15 minutes at 121 degrees and for 3 minutes at 134 degrees flash sterilization. It can be autoclaved at least 200 times if you follow the autoclave times.

Adequate temperature, pressure and times for autoclave sterilization are 1 atm and 15 minutes at 121°C, total time 40 minutes when the device is operated empty; 2 atm and 3 minutes at 134°C, and 20 minutes when the device is operated empty.

Use with washing bag in washing machine or autoclave with shelf. If the autoclave is produced only for slippers, it can be used without a bag.

Washing BagAutoclave

Note: Do Not Use Vertical Type Autoclave Machine!

Do Your Antistatic and ESD Slippers Really Have Antistatic? Does It Really Work?

We measure every clogs we produce with our anti-static measuring devices. Our anti-static operating room theatre clogs prevent the uncontrolled discharge of static electricity caused by friction in the body. In this way, the calibration problem of the machines used is avoided. In addition, anti-static footwear are an important product in order to prevent human collisions such as door slamming. The use of anti-static slippers is important for the safety of both the machine and the working people.

We recommend you to watch our video where we measure with our test measuring device, which explains the difference between Falcon anti-static operating room slippers and ESD slippers. Our product description and anti-static test measurement video

There is an anti-static ratio of 10(8-9) in our Falcon anti-static operating theatre slippers and on the entire surface. In our ESD clogs products, this anti-static ratio is at the level of 10(6-7)
Anti Static SchemaAnti Static Schema

What are the Usage Areas of Antistatic Theatre OT Slippers?

There are many different sectors for anti-static operating room slippers products.

Usage areas

* Operating theaters
* Laboratories
Clean Rooms
* Pharmaceutical companies
* Cleaning staff
* Hotels
* Sterile and Non-sterile areas
* Medical and healthcare companies
* Bakeries
* Factories producing electronic products ( ESD footwear )

How Do We Choose Foot Number?

Simply measure the length between the toe and heel with a tape measure.

Falcon Anti-static Operating Room Footwear Length and Weight Information

35-36 size: 480 grams, 23 cm
37-38 size: 530 grams, 24 cm
39-40 size: 580 grams, 25,30 cm
41-42 size: 660 grams, 26.80 cm
43-44 size: 730 grams, 28 cm
45-46 size: 820 grams, 29,50 cm

Are Quality Certificates Available?

Yes, our clogs have ISO and CE quality certificates.

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