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About Etkin Medikal

About Us

Theatreclogs.net is one of the official websites of Etkin Medikal, a company that has been operating in the healthcare sector since 1999. In order to meet the demands of the market, we established our company in Istanbul in 2006. As a manufacturer of various foot healthcare products, our company continues to produce antistatic operating room clogs and ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) standard products under the FALCON brand for many sectors, including hospitals, healthcare centers, clean rooms, electronic production facilities, laboratories, vet and pharmaceutical companies.

Your Solution Partner
  • Tender, direct supply and wholesale price needs.
  • In your export and turnkey projects
  • In your laboratory, health center and hospital projects
  • Your solution partner for your antistatic OT clogs and ESD slippers needs in your production system.

We are your reliable solution partner in your special projects with our Falcon brand antistatic operating room shoes products.

Your Curiosities
How can I learn about wholesale and export special prices?

We produce our Falcon antistatic autoclavable operating room OT clogs in 12 different colors and 2 different models.
You can get a special price offer from our company for export-specific, project-based, tender and direct procurement.
In order for us to fully respond to your offer request, the following information must be sent to us via e-mail or a request form.
Company current information (title, address, contact person, tax office, tax number, mail)
Purchase quantity information (color and number details, if any)
Click for wholesale operating room slippers request form.
Or send an e-mail to info@etkinmedikal.com

Do you have retail sales? Where can we buy your products?

You can visit our official retail website, medicalfootwear.net, to purchase Falcon brand autoclavable and washable antistatic operating room clogs. To place an online order, please visit our operating room clogs page.

With our production of Falcon antistatic operating room OT clogs, we have participated in numerous local and international trade fairs. Since our journey began in 2006, we take great pride in having exported our products to over 80 countries. Additionally, we have successfully completed hundreds of sales in Turkey through projects and tenders.

In our production of operating theatre room clogs, which truly feature antistatic properties on their entire surface, we prioritize the use of specialized measurement devices to ensure the most accurate and high-quality product. We also emphasize sales and after-sales support as essential principles.

Our brand currently offers the widest range of color options in Turkey, with 12 different choices available. Furthermore, our brand holds various quality certifications. CE ans ISO.

OT Clogs with Manufacturer Warranty

The richest color chart with 12 different color options..

Antistatic operating room OT clogs color options; White, red, green, light blue, sax blue, lilac, pink, yellow, orange, black, navy blue and gray colors.

Operating room OT clogs are; It is divided into two as with and without safety belt.

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In addition, our production life, which started with the production of slimming slippers in 2006, has taken shape to produce solutions to many different foot health problems today. In our product portfolio, there are insoles, slippers, shoes and sandals models for heel spurs, hallux valgus, diabetes, dennis brown, flat foot health problems.

Stay healthy,

Etkin Medikal

Our Mission
  • To increase our market share in the international market.
  • To produce by prioritizing quality.
  • To produce products that add value to life and people.
  • To make a difference in the sector with new designs and R&D studies.
Our Vision

To produce with the Falcon brand in line with the needs of hospitals, health centers, clean rooms, electronic product factories and laboratories by keeping quality and customer satisfaction in the foreground, and to raise our brand value even higher.

Customer Service
Customer Service
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